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Automated Video Interviews For Candidate Screening

Video interviews are a valuable tool for hiring companies, as they can go far beyond the information that a telephonic interview can give them about candidates. And with automated video interviews, companies get all the benefits of a video interview without having to spend on the manpower required to take live interviews.

Presentation Skills

Presentation and Verbal Communication skills are an important aspect of almost every job, whether it be a sales position or a software development position. Every person, to some extent, is required to effectively communicate their thoughts, pitches and ideas to customers, colleagues and management. Video interviews are the best way to capture a candidate’s abilities in this area. Things that the hiring company can assess include:

  • Does the candidate speak clearly and coherently?
  • Is the candidate able to structure their thoughts and ideas effectively while speaking?
  • Can the candidate present their points concisely without losing the crux of the message?

The required skill level will vary depending on the job role, and companies can determine the acceptable thresholds for each job.


Enthusiasm for the Job

A video screening interview is an excellent way to capture a candidate’s enthusiasm and affinity for the advertised job. Companies can tailor the subjective questions to specifically assess these factors.

  • How promptly did the candidate take the interview? This is a major indicator of their enthusiasm.
  • What is the level of preparedness that the candidate displays for the interview?
  • Does the candidate have new thoughts or ideas about the job?
  • Does the candidate know essential details about the company and the industry?
  • What are the things that excite the candidate about the job and company?

Preparedness and Attention to Detail

How a candidate approaches an automated online video interview can tell a company a lot about them. Essentially, the goal is to have the candidate take the automated interviews as seriously as they would a live in-person interview.

  • Is the candidate prepared with knowledge of the interviewing company and the job requirements?
  • Is the candidate properly dressed for an interview? The expectation here should not be for candidates to dress up in suits, but they should be aware that the video will be viewed by the hiring company and dress appropriately, if casually.
  • Is the candidate in a proper setting with adequate lighting? The video should be clear, and not have too much external noise. Candidates should pay attention to the environment they are presenting to the reviewers.
  • Did the candidate take the interview relatively promptly after applying? A long delay between applying and interviewing can indicate a lack of confidence or sufficient interest.

Tremendous Cost (and Time) Savings

Companies can save a tremendous amount of time and money through automated and pre-recorded video interviews. The savings accrue through multiple avenues:

  • No more interview scheduling. Recruiters no longer need to chase candidates and try to find a time when both parties are available.
  • Multiple reviewers, single interview. The same interview can be viewed by multiple reviewers in the company who are looking for different things. There is no need to have different screening interviews for technical ability, HR, etc.
  • Once a candidate has taken a screening interview, that same interview can be used by other recruiters in the company hiring for similar jobs. The candidate does not have to be screened again in most cases.
  • Interviewer time can be expensive, especially for high-value skills. Companies can have pricey interviewers review just the parts of the interview that are relevant to them to save costs.

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