How to NAIL a Video Interview with NO Interviewer?

How to NAIL a Video Interview with NO Interviewer?

Nothing can be more personal than having an interview on a 20-inch monitor with a remote interviewer that you’ve just met. Well, this is how most of the interviews happen these days.

The ability to shine in a video interview requires some skills and savvy beyond basic job interview […]

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Android Web Chrome Application Walkthrough for Candidates.

Android Web Chrome Application Walkthrough for Candidates.

Email Notification

Once you’ve submitted your application online or your profile has been added to a specific job post, you will be receiving an email notification. You have two options on how you can take your assessment. Either take the interview on the Web browser on a PC or Mac […]

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The Cost of an Interview

At Appliqant, we are dedicated to saving companies time and money while simultaneously finding them the best-qualified candidate for a position. How much does the average company spend interviewing a candidate? The numbers may surprise you.

Screening & Scheduling Applicants

Imagine a hiring manager takes a few minutes to review every applicant who applied for their position. […]

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Practical Near-Future Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Small and Medium Businesses

Even beyond our use case of creating automated video interviewing software, we are fascinated by the possibilities for artificial intelligence to innovate many areas of business and life. On the horizon, artificial intelligence will significantly influence day-to-day life for small- and medium-size businesses. Technology companies are spending billions of dollars developing artificial intelligence technologies, and […]

Staffing and Recruitment in the Blockchain World – Process Improvements and Efficiencies

This paper discusses the practical application of Blockchain to a specific set of business processes relevant to the staffing and recruitment industry. Blockchain technology can be used to revamp the business processes and bring a high degree of efficiency to the system.

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