What are hiring managers looking for in an automated video interview?

Congratulations — you have been asked to complete an automated video interview for your dream job. Whether this is your first time completing a video interview or your 10th, you may be wondering what exactly a hiring manager is looking for in a video interview. The answer is mostly the same as a traditional interview—ensuring […]

Nervous about your first automated video interview? These 5 tips will get you hired.

A refrain we hear from first-time video interviewers is “I’m not sure what the recruiter is looking for.” Rest assured, the metrics for automated video interviews are very similar to a traditional in-person interview.

Think about your preparation for an in-person interview. Practicing anticipated questions, ensuring an appropriate appearance (in dress and speech), and clarity of […]

The perfect backdrop for an automated video interview

Should you take your automated video interview in a cafe, your home, or even your office? The perfect place to take your interview may depend on the person, but we have a few tips to ensure you have the perfect backdrop based on your circumstances.


You want a neutral, but not boring background. Consider great interviews […]

Advantages of Automated Video Interviewing for Remote Companies

Recruiting the best talent for remote companies is a particular challenge, as your organization struggles to get a comprehensive view of the candidate solely through virtual interviews. Remote companies typically complete interviews over the phone and video call services like Skype or Google Meet. By utilizing automated video interview software, your remote company can supercharge […]

7 Critiques of AI in Recruiting (and Your Questions Answered)

Disruptive technologies in the recruitment space — including the use of artificial intelligence in automated video interviews — have left many people wondering whether these innovations have been a boon or yet another hurdle to find top talent. Critiques of artificial intelligence in recruiting include perceptions of cost, the learning curve for new technologies, and […]

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