Southern California Information Technology Staffing Agency

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With roots in Southern California and diverse experience serving the local business community, eNamix is a leading IT staffing agency and headhunter service, providing nearby companies with access to today’s top technologists. Additionally, we serve the needs of local professionals who seek IT job openings. Our job is to pair them with the right employer, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement.

One of the things that sets our executive recruiter firm apart is our sense of place. We have physical offices in each of the areas we serve, which allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the business scene as well as the IT talent pool. We are proud to deliver our services for a number of Southern California locations.

An Employment Agency with Local Connections


Indeed, eNamix delivers services to individuals and companies throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our offices in these areas enable us to be eminently accessible; whether you need to engage a headhunter or simply have questions about the local IT job market, we invite you to visit the eNamix location that’s closest to you.

IT Careers and Job Placements


While we work with businesses of all kinds, our specialty is in addressing open IT positions. We always have our ear to the ground and a good sense of the local IT talent pool. We screen candidates thoroughly, always ensuring the right person for the job—both in terms of qualifications as well as personality and culture.

For applicants, we are proud to offer temp positions that very often turn into full-time gigs—so if you’re looking to fill a role or to get your IT career off the ground, we invite you to contact eNamix at any of our local, Southern California locations. Learn more about our services in the surrounding area!