Employee Hiring Process


Most companies have hiring processes and tools that have evolved over many years of trial and error. Processes are generally different for Full-time (FTE) hiring and contingent labor (contractor) hiring. Processes can also differ significantly for different job categories – for instance, the employee hiring process for blue collar and white collar jobs will be very different. Appliqant can easily be incorporated into the process for any company – since the screening interview can largely be externalized, the rest of the process can continue as-is.

FTE Hiring

The Full time employee hiring process is critical for most companies since the consequences of hiring the wrong candidate are much greater than for contract positions. As such, companies may choose to include all of the following steps in their process, depending on what the laws and regulations allow in their location:

  1. Multiple Screening interviews.
  2. Resume fact checks/Professional background checks.
  3. In-person interviews (multiple rounds).
  4. Social media analysis.
  5. Credit checks.
  6. Criminal background checks.
  7. Reference checks.

Appliqant can be used to optimize steps 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the process.

Working with Recruitment Agencies/Staffing Firms

Agencies and recruitment firms are an integral part of the hiring process for most companies, and Appliqant supports that in multiple ways.

  • Companies can share their jobs with their agencies after setting up the interview. This way all your agencies will be using the same interview for their candidates and consistency will be maintained for comparisons.
  • Our unique and innovative Blockchain based submission process makes it easy for your vendors and agencies to submit candidates, track the submissions, generate Smart Contracts on confirmation, and then process payments. Read the whitepaper here.
  • The costs of the interviews can either be borne by the hiring company, or passed on to the agencies, depending on contractual agreements. Appliqant supports either model.

Contract/Temporary Staff Hiring

Contract hiring is usually a less intensive process than FTE hiring, since a large part of the risks/liabilities can be passed on to the agency or company that the contractor is being hired from. Companies will still usually follow the steps below before hiring a contract worker:

  1. Screening interview.
  2. In-person or live online interview.
  3. Background checks – mostly criminal.
  4. Reference checks.

Appliqant can be used for steps 1, 3 and 4 of the process.

Hiring for White and Blue Collar Jo

The process followed by companies using Appliqant for hiring for White collar jobs will traditionally involve longer screening interviews, and companies may choose to include multiple sections including Skills tests, IQ tests and personality questionnaires in addition to a number of subjective questions. The profile generated as a result of these interviews will be quite comprehensive.

The process followed by companies using Appliqant for hiring Blue Collar employees is usually quite different. For these jobs, they are dealing with a high volume of candidates, and the primary goal is to engage them in the process and incentivize them to come in for in-person interviews. This is especially true in periods of low unemployment when workers may have multiple similar choices available to them. Appliqant allows companies to set up basic screening interviews, and then use it’s extensive scheduling features to bring candidates to the table. The interviews can be used to market the job/company to the candidates through the questions and information made available.