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3 Ways to Reduce Bias and Recruit Diverse Talent

This article is the third part of a three-part series on hiring discrimination. To read the first part on when bias enters the hiring process, click here. To read the second part on the impact of diversity on a company’s bottom-line, click here.

In our last articles, we learned that unconscious and conscious biases […]

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The Impact of Diversity on Your Company’s Bottom-Line

This article is the second part of a three-part series on hiring discrimination. To read the first part on when bias enters the hiring process, click here.

In our last post, we learned that bias — whether conscious or unconscious — enters the hiring process as recruiters are strapped for time in the screening […]

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Racial Bias in the Hiring Process

For decades, studies have shown that racial bias impacts the hiring process drastically. Candidates with African American, Hispanic, and Asian-sounding names get called for interviews at rates down to half of those of their white-sounding counterparts. Data spanning several decades shows that this trend hasn’t improved measurably in over 25 years.

How Does It Happen?

As […]

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The Cost of an Interview

At Appliqant, we are dedicated to saving companies time and money while simultaneously finding them the best-qualified candidate for a position. How much does the average company spend interviewing a candidate? The numbers may surprise you.

Screening & Scheduling Applicants

Imagine a hiring manager takes a few minutes to review every applicant who applied for their position. […]

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Practical Near-Future Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Small and Medium Businesses

Even beyond our use case of creating automated video interviewing software, we are fascinated by the possibilities for artificial intelligence to innovate many areas of business and life. On the horizon, artificial intelligence will significantly influence day-to-day life for small- and medium-size businesses. Technology companies are spending billions of dollars developing artificial intelligence technologies, and […]

The Scourge of “Fake” Candidates

Whether you call it resume padding or application fraud, the trend of candidates lying on their resumes is increasing as unemployment rises. The problem can get even worse, with fake candidates applying and performing the interviews while sending a different person entirely on the first day of the job.

Estimates from sources like Steven Levitt and […]

Our Best Tips for Hacking your Automated Video Interview

You apply for a job and receive an email back from the hiring manager: Congratulations! You’ve been asked to complete the first round of interviews through an automated video interview platform. Your first video interview might feel intimidating — or even insurmountable. Don’t let your uncertainty about interviewing in front of a camera keep you […]

4 Unconventional Uses for Automated Video Interviews

Not a recruiter? No problem! The Appliqant platform can be used for a lot more than traditional hiring. From higher education recruitment to personal uses, automated video interviews can impact your life in a variety of ways. Automated interviewing improves any process where you need to speak with someone to get information. Metrics provided […]

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Video Interviewing Drives Your Customer Service Recruitment

Whether you are hiring customer service representatives, retail store workers, telecallers, or any other customer service role, your company can benefit from implementing video interviewing in your recruitment process. These customer-facing employees have some of the biggest challenges and highest turnover rates in any industry. Recruiting them can seem like a particular hurdle for HR […]

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Automated Interviews

An emerging trend in recruiting is the rise of automated interviewing, including the integration of artificial intelligence technology. This transition is a boon for the largely outdated recruiting industry. AI components allow companies to easily sift through dozens (or hundreds) of interviews quickly with objective metrics and consistent results. But as the rise in AI […]

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