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This video will walk you through the steps to register a new Appliqant account, and log in for the first time. It also covers basic company administration steps, like adding additional users, setting your company logo, etc.

This video covers the steps to create your first job in Appliqant. You will see how to add a job and enter relevant information including a location, type, job description, etc.

After creating a job, you have to set up the interview for the job. This video walks you through adding objective skills based questions, subjective verbal questions, personality questionnaires, and IQ tests to the interview.

Once you are all set with the job and the interview, you can add candidates to the job. This video walks you through the manual process of adding candidates. The automated process to add candidates in bulk is covered separately.

This video shows the act of taking the interview itself. This is for the candidates, but recruiters should also understand how this works, so the video is included in this page. Interviews can be taken on a browser or mobile app.

Once you are notified that a candidate has completed an interview, you can review the interview and all the reports associated with the interview. This video walks you through the data available, and how you can use it.

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