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We are New Yorkers. We like our technology challenging.

Appliqant is built, maintained and enhanced by Quantilus. We convert innovative, creative ideas into living, breathing, tangible software applications.

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Technology is only as useful as its adoption. As such, our drive has always been to build products that deliver tangible business value. Appliqant allows companies to:

  • Screen candidates with an automated video interview, personality evaluation and technical assessment, instead of just using a resume.
  • Spend your valuable time on the best candidates, rather than spending 99% of it screening candidates who won’t get hired.
  • Stand out with your submissions to your clients. After seeing an Appliqant report, they will never want to see just a resume again.
  • Scale your operations. Reach out to more qualified candidates than ever before – without growing your team.


These are the technologies,  frameworks and tools that our development teams have used to build the different components of the Appliqant platform.

Being aware of the pitfalls is winning half the battle. Our guiding principles through the software development process are:

We understand the unique business needs and challenges and recommend the optimal technical solution for the specific problem.

We are not tied to any technology platform, so we will not try to shoe-horn a business process into a template or technology just because that’s all we know.

We run agile projects, with strong project management, rapid prototyping and ongoing validation with our users.

We test, re-test, and re-re-test our own work, before users ever get to see it.

We anticipate future needs for the software and business processes, and plan our development accordingly.

Our Religious Beliefs:

We are (technology) agnostic, and pick the best architecture for our product’s individual needs. We are not iOS, or Android, or Python, or MEAN stack, or Blockchain, or Java, or .Net developers – we are all of them and much much more. Our only dogmas are around the development process – things we religiously believe in include:

  • Agile development methodology
  • Test driven development
  • Continuous integration
  • Automation of test scripts

We cannot stress enough how much these beliefs have helped us get through multiple product development cycles.

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