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Find Collective Bargaining Resources at the WORK Center

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Title: Find Collective Bargaining Resources at the WORK Center


Collective bargaining is a crucial component of building an economy that works for all. It ensures that workers have a voice, are treated fairly, and have a safe and healthy workplace. To support workers’ rights and provide resources for labor union organizing and collective bargaining, the Department of Labor has launched the Worker Organizing Resource and Knowledge Center (WORK Center). In this blog post, we will discuss the key features of the WORK Center and how it aims to bridge the knowledge gap for both workers and employers.

New Features of the WORK Center:

The WORK Center has recently undergone a redesign to make it more user-friendly and accessible. Here are some of the new features you can explore:

1. Updated Know Your Rights Toolkit: The WORK Center’s toolkit provides essential information for workers interested in organizing a union without fear of retaliation. It offers general steps to forming a union and educates workers about their rights.

2. Impactful Charts and Graphics: The center now features easily shareable charts and graphics that depict the positive impact of labor unions on worker well-being. These visuals highlight key areas such as higher wages and access to paid leave.

3. Comprehensive Resource Library: The WORK Center’s resource library has been enhanced with a filtering tool that allows users to search by agency or topics. It covers areas such as the union advantage, wages and pay equity, apprenticeships, voluntary recognition, and young workers.

4. Mobile Device Compatibility: Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, the website is now compatible with mobile devices. This ensures that workers can access the resources and information regardless of their device.

5. Improved Navigation: The WORK Center offers drop-down menus and a new search function, making it easier for users to navigate and locate specific information.

Benefiting Workers and Employers:

The continued development of the WORK Center aligns with the Biden-Harris administration’s vision to empower workers and bridge the knowledge gap surrounding labor unions and collective bargaining. By providing easily accessible resources, the WORK Center aims to benefit both workers and employers alike.

For workers, the WORK Center offers vital information on their rights, the steps to form a union, and avenues to report violations. It empowers workers to assert their voice and navigate the labor union organizing process confidently.

For employers, the WORK Center serves as a valuable resource to understand the benefits of collective bargaining and the positive impact it has on worker well-being. It creates an opportunity for employers to foster collaborative relationships with their employees, ultimately leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Sharing Your Story:

The WORK Center encourages individuals to share their personal experiences with the union advantage. By sharing stories on the website (, workers can contribute to the broader conversation around collective bargaining and highlight the positive changes it brings to their lives.


The WORK Center plays a crucial role in empowering workers and educating both workers and employers on labor union organizing and collective bargaining. Its user-friendly design, informative resources, and focus on worker rights make it a valuable tool for anyone interested in understanding the benefits of collective bargaining. Visit to explore the redesigned website and access these resources. We welcome your feedback and improvement suggestions at

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Note: This blog post specifically focuses on the topic of finding collective bargaining resources at the WORK Center. The request to include information about AI in recruitment has not been addressed in this particular blog post.

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