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DOL Work Study: Changing Pathways, Changing Lives

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Title: DOL Work Study: Changing Pathways, Changing Lives


When faced with unexpected career challenges, individuals often find themselves searching for the next step in their professional journey. Reginald Laurenceau, a former infantry soldier, experienced such a situation when a medical condition brought an end to his military aspirations. However, his story took a positive turn when he discovered the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) work-study program. This program not only provided Laurenceau with valuable experience but also opened doors to a fulfilling career in the government. In this blog post, we will explore the transformative impact of the DOL Work Study program and how it changes lives, while also highlighting the benefits of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process.

The DOL Work Study Experience:

Laurenceau’s journey began when he attended a career fair at Rutgers University and met LaCarole Faulkner, a veterans program specialist for the Philadelphia region. Faulkner was seeking student veterans interested in internships and work-study opportunities within the civilian workforce. Intrigued by the prospect of gaining practical experience, Laurenceau immediately joined the DOL Work Study program. Under Faulkner’s mentorship, he was exposed to tasks directly related to his desired career in government service. Laurenceau’s work primarily focused on handling Freedom of Information Act requests, which not only enhanced his skills but also prepared him for a government position.

Beyond Gaining Experience:

As part of the work-study experience, Laurenceau also represented the agency at career fairs, opening his eyes to the struggles many veterans face in finding employment after leaving the military. He encouraged his fellow transitioning service members and veterans to utilize the resources available through VETS, emphasizing the support and guidance they could receive. Working directly with veterans became the most rewarding part of his experience, showcasing the impact that the DOL Work Study program had on both his professional and personal growth.

Preparing for Future Employment:

Laurenceau’s dedication and the skills acquired through the DOL Work Study program soon paid off. He secured a role as a government information specialist for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), working on FOIA requests. The training and preparation he received from VETS made a significant difference, and the FDA’s hiring manager acknowledged the exceptional preparation Laurenceau had received.

Benefits of AI in Recruitment and Staffing:

While the DOL Work Study program continues to transform lives, AI is revolutionizing the recruitment and staffing industry. Companies are increasingly utilizing AI tools and experts in their HR departments to streamline the hiring process and achieve greater efficiency. AI can analyze large quantities of data to identify patterns and trends, enabling recruiters to identify suitable candidates more effectively. Furthermore, AI-powered platforms have the potential to improve diversity in hiring by eliminating unconscious biases and promoting objectivity in the selection process. By leveraging AI, recruitment firms can enhance their overall efficiency, reduce time-to-hire, and ensure a more inclusive candidate pool.


The DOL Work Study program exemplifies how support and mentorship can make a profound impact on individuals navigating their professional paths. Reginald Laurenceau’s inspiring journey demonstrates how the program equips veterans with valuable skills and opportunities for meaningful employment. Furthermore, incorporating AI tools and experts in the recruitment and staffing industry adds a new dimension of efficiency and inclusivity. As recruitment firms embrace AI solutions, they can streamline the hiring process and contribute to fostering diverse workforces. By changing pathways, the DOL Work Study program and AI are changing lives for the better.

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