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Illinois Law Expands Leave Available to Workers

Title: Illinois Law Expands Leave Available to Workers: The Role of AI in the Recruitment Industry


In recent years, the recruitment industry has experienced significant changes with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in various aspects of the process. This blog post will discuss the Amendments to the Illinois Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA) that expand leave available to employees grieving a family member’s death arising from a crime of violence. Additionally, we will explore the potential of AI in the recruitment and staffing industry, focusing on its role in enhancing diversity and overall efficiency.

Expanding Employee Leave under VESSA:

The Amendments to the Illinois VESSA provide crucial expansions to employee leave by acknowledging the emotional and mental toll of losing a loved one due to a crime of violence. These amendments ensure that employees are entitled to take reasonable unpaid leave to attend the funeral and make necessary arrangements.

While the Amendments do not specifically mention AI, technology can play a vital role in supporting employees during such difficult times. AI-powered tools can be instrumental in automating administrative tasks, allowing employees to efficiently manage their leave without additional stress. For example:

1. AI-Powered HRIS (Human Resources Information System):
An HRIS integrated with AI technology can help employees request leave, track usage, and communicate with their managers. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual paperwork and reduces the administrative burden on both employees and HR personnel.

2. AI Chatbots for Employee Assistance:
Employee assistance chatbots equipped with AI can provide employees with guidance on leave policies and answer frequently asked questions. These virtual assistants are available 24/7, ensuring immediate support to grieving employees.

Benefits of AI in the Recruitment and Staffing Industry:

1. Enhancing Diversity:
AI tools and algorithms can actively contribute towards building diverse and inclusive workforces. By analyzing large datasets and patterns, AI can help identify bias in recruitment processes, including language, educational requirements, and subconscious biases, which can unintentionally exclude potential candidates. AI can generate fairer job descriptions, screen resumes objectively, and recommend top talent based on skills and qualifications.

2. Efficient Candidate Sourcing:
AI-powered recruitment platforms can streamline the candidate sourcing process. Algorithms can analyze job requirements and identify suitable candidates from various sources, minimizing the time and effort traditionally spent on sifting through countless resumes. As a result, recruiters can focus on building relationships with potential candidates and ensuring a better match.

3. Improved Candidate Experience:
AI-driven chatbots can personalize the candidate experience by providing real-time updates, answering queries promptly, and guiding candidates throughout the application process. This not only enhances engagement but also leaves a positive impression of the employer’s brand and values.

4. Streamlined Interview Process:
AI tools enable the automation of interview scheduling, candidate assessments, and video interviews. This eliminates the need for extensive manual coordination and optimizes the overall efficiency of the hiring process. Moreover, AI algorithms can analyze candidate responses and behaviors during interviews, providing valuable insights for more informed decision-making.


The Amendments to the Illinois VESSA demonstrate the recognition of the importance of leave for employees during challenging times. While AI technologies are not explicitly mentioned in these Amendments, they can significantly contribute to streamlining and improving the recruitment process within the staffing industry. By leveraging AI tools, recruiters can enhance diversity, improve candidate sourcing, provide better candidate experiences, and overall bring efficiency to the entire process. Embracing AI in recruitment can pave the way for a more inclusive, efficient, and supportive workplace for all employees.

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