Assessment Walk through for candidates using Google Chrome

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Assessment Walk through for candidates using Google Chrome

  1. You have applied for a job and received an invitation to take an Appliqant interview in your email or by text message.

  1. You have been sent a link to take an Appliqant screening interview by a recruiter.

Interview Start Screen:

  • Make sure to enter all required details for successful log in.
  • You will also see in this page a brief background of the company and job description of the role that you are applying for.
  • Once done entering your details please hit the “Start your interview” button and it will direct you to another page.
  • Please read and listen to the instructions before you start each section of the interview. Pay close attention to the instructions.


Note: Possible to get a “Appliqant already exists” error in this case, since the recruiter may also have added the candidate directly to the database. In this case, you should use a different email address.

Now you are ready to take the Online Assessment. Please be advised that the assessments are consisted of IQ, personality test, subjective and objective test. This will assess how well the candidate may fit a particular role. Make sure that you read the question carefully and answer briefly and clearly. For multiple choice questions, select the BEST answer.

Online Interview:      

The first screen of the interview has instructions, and this is where we will also test your connection. If connection test fails, then check your computer or connection.

  1. The network may be weak. Go to a location with better internet connectivity and try to take the interview there.
  2. The computer and browser may not have sufficient free memory. In this case you can try restarting your computer and trying again. Otherwise, please use a more powerful computer or your mobile device.
  3. At this point, It will also ask you if you are allowing the application to gain access to your camera and microphone. You have click OK to proceed with the interviews or change the settings of  your personal computer or laptop.

  • The first stage of the assessment is the online interview.

  • Before you begin, please ensure that you are in a quiet location and can complete your interview uninterrupted.
  • Double check if your camera, headset and microphone is working before proceeding with the interview.
  • Make sure that your face is visible in the camera.
  • Do not click the Back button or close the browser in the middle of the interview.
  • After completing each answer, please click the next question button to move to the following question.
  • You cannot come back to the previous question once you clicked on the Next Question button. Click it only once you’ve completed your answer.
  • When you are ready to begin, please click on the Start Interview Button. If you feel that you want more time to prepare, you may take the Practice Interview first prior to proceeding to the proper interview.

Section 1: Verbal Questions

  • This is the screen that you will have once you start with the Online Interview.
  • You will have in the screen the timer at the left hand side of the question, which allows you to see how much time you have left to answer the question.
  • On the right hand side is an arrow which you have to click to proceed to the next question.

  • Once done with the online interview it will give you an option to proceed to the Objective examination.

Objective Questions:

  • For the objective part there will be questions provided with multiple choice responses.
  • Each question has only one correct answer.
  • The questions have different levels of difficulty, the allotted time to answer each item will be depending on the level of difficulty of the questions.
  • Click next to proceed to the next item.
  • Keep in mind that once you hit the next button you cannot go back to the previous page to change or review your answer.

Personality Test:

  • This is the final section of the online assessment. The goal of this assessment is to be able to create a personality match for the company and specific job that you are applying for.
  • In this part you’ll be provided statements that are related to your personality.
  • You’ll be given five options, Strongly Agree, Agree, Either Agree or Disagree, Disagree and Strongly Disagree. You must select which ever option you feel applies to the statement for that item.

  • Please note that there are no “good” or “bad” answers. Be honest with your responses.
  • Your responses to the Personality Test will be kept confidential and won’t be shared to anyone.
  • When you are done, you may close the assessment page.

Once you are done with the Online Assessment, you may watch your interview video, review your scores and get feedback from the recruiter or hiring manager by logging in to We hope the results would be on your favor! Best of luck!


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