Appliqant User Manual

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Appliqant User Manual.


What is Appliqant?

Applicant is an automated video interview application. Candidates can take Personality, Technical and IQ Assessments facilitated by a robot. The objective of Appliqant is to build a platform to allow companies to take automated video interviews of job candidates. Generate a comprehensive profile for each candidate including personality assessment, technical proficiency and IQ scores.


How to Log in:

Go to

Kindly use the username and password provided by the admin. Change the password to your preference.

  1. How to add a new job:
  • Click on the “ADD NEW JOB” button in the home page of Appliqant.

  • Fill out all of the necessary fields under the Required Information part.
  • To edit the Job Title just click on the “Edit job title” on the upper left-hand side of the screen.
  • Don’t forget to place a Job role and Detailed Job Description to help the candidate check if they are qualified for the role.
  • End Client and Contact Person creation:
  • Keep in mind to click the save button on the right hand side of the screen to save any changes made.

  1. Interview Tab:

For the Objective Questions:

  • Select or search a skill that fits the role that you are hiring for.
  • Set the difficulty to low, medium or high then click on add skill.
  • In the sample below each difficulty level was given 5 questions.
  • The second slide is for the personality test.
  • You can add s customized question depending on the role or the request of the end client.

For the Subjective Questions:

  • There are set of subjective questions assigned per role. You just have to select which ones would you like the candidates to answer.

For the Personality Test:

  • For the personality test, like the subjective questions you may choose which exams you would tike the candidates to take.
  • Below the Personality and IQ test are the notification templates.
  • You can compose or edit your email in the boxes below for both candidates who passed and failed the exam.
  • For the last screenshot, you may schedule a meeting or interview with the contact person and the applicant using the Job Calendar.

  1. Candidate Tab:


  • Once a candidate is successful with the submission of the application their name will reflect on the list of the candidates for the role.
  • As you can see below there are several icons on the right-hand side of the screen. The first icon will allow you to share the details of the job posting in different sites like Skype and Twitter.
  • This will also give you options to call or email a candidate.
  • Second icon is the export data button. This is if you need to export the details in one bulk.
  • Third is the add candidate button if you need to add a candidate manually. Lastly the add candidate in bulk button.

  • For the candidate card, there will be several parts as well. The first icon on the left-hand part of the candidate card is for the assessment report.
  • When you click it, it will direct you to a new screen that will show the performance and rating of the candidate during the interview.

  • Next to it is an attachment button. This indicates if ever there are attachments like documents or resume uploaded by the candidate.

  • For the third icon, once clicked it will give you several options like Candidate Details, Interview ID, Face Validation and Download Word Report.

  • Opposite to these icons is the notes button (Communication hub). You can send a message or call a candidate using this function. You may also include a comment or note for the candidate.

  • On the bottom part of the interview, you may see a “Watch Interview” button it will direct you to another page then you may go ahead and watch or evaluate the online interview of the candidate.

  • Lastly the Approve and Reject buttons. Once done evaluating their interview, you may move the candidate’s profile. Green thumbs up if you are approving the candidate. Red thumbs down for declined candidate.

  • The available status that we have are Approved, Submitted, Setup for Interview and Hired.
  • Every time you change the candidate’s status, a new window pop up and will allow you to add a comment. A notification email will be sent to the client contact person once you change the status of the candidate.

  • Once a candidate is submitted, an email will be sent to the Client Contact Person that includes  a link to the result of the candidate’s Appliqant automated test results.

  • After the candidate has been submitted and the Client Contact Person approved the candidate,  the candidate’s profile will be change to Interview Set up and the client will receive a  notification.
  • For the final stage is when the candidate gets hired, his job card will then be changed to Hired. You can do that by clicking the Trophy icon.

To Manually Add the Candidate:

  • To manually add the candidate just enter the required details.
  • Once completed you have to click the save button on the right hand side of the screen to add the candidate in our data base.
  • If you don’t like to proceed with adding the candidate, please click on discard button.

Another Way to Add End Clients and Contact Person:

Aside from the one noted above, here is another way to add End Clients and Contact Person.

  • In the home page, click on ADD A NEW CLIENT OR ADD A CLIENT CONTACT.
  • A new screen will pop up which will ask for the details of the End client or Contact person that you want to add.
  • Just press the ADD button once done entering the details needed.

  • As you can see this is End Client name card.
  • Beside the name of the company you have there a pen icon which means if ever you need to edit the details you may use that.
  • Next one is the paper clip icon. This icon indicates if there are any attachments. You may also use this in attaching files.
  • At the bottom part is the number of Open Jobs posted for that company and how many Contact People are related to this company.

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