What to Expect Taking Appliqant’s Personality Self Assessment

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Click here to visit the Personality Self-Assessment page and get started. Enter your name and email address and click “Start.” You will be taken directly to the assessment.

The assessment is not timed, so you can take the time you need to complete the assessment. You will be presented with 109 statements to which you will need to respond whether you agree or disagree on a 5-point sliding scale. (E.g. “I strongly agree,” “I somewhat disagree,” or “I neither agree nor disagree.”)

Once you click an option, the app will automatically move on to the next question—so be sure of your choice before clicking, as you cannot go back to change it.

To get an accurate profile, read each statement fully before jumping to a conclusion to the answer. Consider how you behave in both personal and professional settings before responding. Try to find a balance between your gut reaction and your thoughtful response to the question to ensure you get accurate results.

Sample Statements

  • I am the life of the party.
  • I get stressed out easily.
  • I have a vivid imagination.
  • I want people to love me rather than respect me.
  • When describing an event, I will tell people what it meant rather than what happened.
  • It’s not wise to tell your secrets.

As you’re reading these questions, think about the different aspects of your life. Do you have get stressed out easily at work but seem like a different person at home? Weigh that contradiction in your answer, as you behave that way in some situations and not others.

Even if a statement sounds like something “bad,” think about the events and decisions of your life: what was driving them? Where did those actions take you? How do you behave when you are most fully yourself, and how do you behave when you feel like you’ve lost control?

These questions are trying to get at the core of your values and who you are—if you’re answering honestly, it may feel like you’re digging deep!

What results will I receive?

Why is an employer asking these questions? They will not get the specific answers you provided, but rather the same report you will receive at the end of your assessment. You will receive your Jungian type (more commonly known as MBTI), OCEAN Big 5 personality traits, and Dark Triad assessment from this comprehensive set of questions.

(Watch the blog next week for an explanation of how to understand your personality assessment results to empower your job search!)

After the test: Take some time for self-reflection

You took a powerful step in your job search: you are empowering yourself with the same information recruiters are using the evaluate your application. You’ve received your results, now take some time to reflect: what did I learn about myself, personally and professionally? Does this report feel accurate and true to me? What does this report say to recruiters?

Your job search should be set on finding a job that’s a good fit for you. This information will help you find the best-fitting positions for your personality type to ensure you will find success in your next position.

Take Appliqant’s Personality Self-Assessment today and visit the Appliqant jobsite to find your dream job.

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