What to Expect Taking Appliqant’s IQ Self Assessment (Including Sample Questions!)

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Click here to visit the Applicant IQ Self Assessment portal and get started. Simply enter your name and email address and click the “start” button to be directed to the IQ assessment portal.

This assessment will be split into timed three sections of fifteen minutes each. Each section has 25 questions, which means you have an average of just over 30 seconds to answer each question. (You have to be quick!) The full assessment can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

Be sure to read our tips before you start your assessment to minimize distractions and perform your best.

Section 1: Verbal

This section is going to test your verbal intelligence—your knowledge of typical English vocabulary and understanding of complex sentences and problems. Below are a few sample questions and explanations to get you started.

Sample Question:

Complete the analogy below by picking the two words from the four in brackets that are the MOST analogous to the first two words.

Example: high is to low as (sky, earth, tree, plant).

Answer: sky, earth

First, ask yourself “What is the relationship between high and low?” If your gut reaction says they are opposites, you are right. But what else might they be? For example, one is up and one is down. Think through all the possibilities, then compare each of those possibilities to the words in brackets. High is up, low is down, and they are opposites. “Sky” and “Earth” are the only two that match both of those descriptions. You have your answer!

Note: there may be other answers that fit one (or more) categories. Choose the best possible answer that is the closest match to the description in the question.

Sample Question:

Pick the word that means the same as the word on the left of the brackets in one sense, and the same as the word on the right in another sense.

Example: check (bill) beak

You will be presented with a series of options including the correct answer (which in this case is bill). You may also get options that say wallet, duck, and other things that may match one word or both, but not as well as bill.

Section 2: Number

This set of problems will test your numerical intelligence. These can be simple math equations or more complex formulas you need to solve. We’ve included a couple typical sample questions below to help you prepare:

Sample Question:

In the equation below, fill in the missing number in brackets.

Example: 2 x 12 = 6 x (4)

You will be presented with a number of options for the answer in parentheses (in this case, the correct answer is 4). Follow the mathematical order of operations on all these questions. If 2 x 12 = 24, 6 x (what) = 24? The correct answer is 4.

Sample Question:

The three numbers on the left are related in the same way as the three numbers on the right. What is the missing number?

7 (12) 5 :: 8 (?) 3

Answer = 11

How are the numbers 7 (12) 5 related? 12 is the sum when you add 7 and 5 together. What do you get when you add 8 and 3 together? The answer is 11.

Section 3: Spatial

This series of questions will test your logic, reasoning, and spatial intelligence. Many of these questions include shapes and hidden information you have the infer based on information you are given. Take a look at the following sample questions to know what to expect:

Sample Question:

Two of the three shapes on the left are the same shape turned around, but not turned over. Pick the two shapes on the right that are rotated versions of a similiar pair on the left.


Answer = B, D.

Take the next step toward your perfect job by taking Appliqant’s IQ self-assessment today. Visit the Appliqant jobsite to find your dream job.

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