Appliqant’s IQ Practice Assessment Is Worth Your Time—Here’s Why

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Recruiters often require applicants to complete an IQ test to be considered for a role through Appliqant’s automated video interviewing platform. Our IQ Self-Assessment gives you insights into your verbal, numeric, and spatial intelligence before the day of your interview. This tool allows you to compare your score to a general scale and identify areas for improvement in future tests and interviews.

Practice Makes Perfect

You will likely perform better in future tests simply through the process of practicing this assessment. You will know what to expect, understand the format of the questions, and be able to pace yourself appropriately to complete each section in less than fifteen minutes. Even for your first assessment, you can use these tips and tricks to better prepare your mind and surroundings for the optimal environment.

Know Where You Are Today

Taking this test before the day of your interview lets you know where your intelligence is today. This isn’t a fixed number—it will change as your brain changes over time. (Or even just after a particularly bad night of sleep.) You will know where your IQ score is today so you can better prepare your mind for the real interview.

Track Your Progress Over Time

Take the test a few times over the course of a year to see how your IQ changes. A curious mind could even take it over the course of a week to see how differences in your sleep schedule could effect your IQ. If you’re interviewing for multiple roles, it could be helpful to know your IQ at each stage of your journey to a new job.

See What Recruiters See

More information empowers you in your job search. By taking Appliqant’s IQ Self-Assessment, you will get the same information as recruiters when they are making their hiring decision. This is perhaps the most important reason to take the test—you should know the indicators recruiters are basing their decisions on!

Don’t sweat it

One common misconception about IQ tests in the hiring process is that a higher IQ means you are more likely to get the job. This is not necessarily true! A high IQ does not mean someone will perform the job best, and a low IQ does not mean one will perform poorly at work. Rather, this test is indicative of your thinking processes and patterns.

Take the next step toward your perfect job by taking Appliqant’s IQ self-assessment today. Visit the Appliqant jobsite to find your dream job.

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