How to Ace Your IQ Assessments by Using Appliqant

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The idea of taking an IQ assessment for a job interview may seem daunting. Will their hiring decision be merely placed on my intelligence? Not necessarily. An IQ test is measuring more than your knowledge, it is measuring your ability to think logically, work your way through problems, and process information to make decisions. This goes beyond facts you learned in school to see how your brain is programmed. Taking Appliqant’s IQ Self-Assessment unlocks the information you need to know what hiring managers are seeing on the other end of the hiring decision. Following the steps below, you’ll be prepared to perform your best in your IQ self-assessment.

Adequately prepare

There is no way to increase your score by studying—this test is measuring your intellectual function (such as reasoning and critical analysis) rather than the breadth of your knowledge. However, studies do show that preparing your mind and body—getting a good night of sleep and eating a healthy, nutrient-rich meal—does optimize your brain to perform at its highest level. This is good advice even for an interview, but particularly because are taking an IQ Assessment through Appliqant’s automated video interviewing platform.

Prepare your environment to ensure you will not have distractions during the test. You will have up to 45 minutes to answer 50 questions, so you need to focus. Consider any noise or visual disruptions that may interrupt you during this time. If you want to read more tips on preparing your environment for an automated video interview, check out our best tips on our blog. [Link to:]

Before diving into the assessment, you should know what to expect. IQ tests include multiple-choice questions, logic games, and pattern recognition (like puzzles) to measure your processing skills and speed, and memory.

Pay attention

Read instructions carefully from beginning to end. Don’t assume you know where the question is going. Read every option before answering the question and consider every possibility (instead of just assuming you know the answer.) Some questions are tricky, so take your time!

If you’re not sure of an answer, don’t waste precious time trying to figure it out. You have less than one minute per question, so pace yourself. If you’re stumped, make an educated guess using process of elimination for answers you know are false to make the best decision.

In Appliqant’s IQ Self-Assessment, you’ll get your standardized IQ score evaluating your intelligence on multiple parameters. This report will help you identify areas where you need to improve for success—both in your personal and professional lives. The same IQ Assessment is used by companies hiring through Appliqant’s automated video interviewing platform to assess their top job applicants.

Practice Makes Perfect

While you can’t necessarily study for this type of assessment, it is good to practice your test-taking skills and know what the IQ assessment experience will be like. You’re choosing to take part in Appliqant’s IQ Self-Assessment, meaning you’re well on your way to taking your job search into your own hands. This assessment is the perfect way to practice your IQ test-taking skills and understand what you are bringing to your prospective positions.

[If this is posted to blog, include link to the self-assessment]: Take Appliqant’s IQ Self-Assessment today.

Our technology integrates personality assessments and IQ tests into the interviewing process, allowing recruiters to find the best talent for every role. We hope you enjoy our interview process with Applicant and will search our job board for other roles you may be interested in.

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