4 Practice Interview Tips to Help you Land your Dream Job

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Planning to take a practice automated video interview through Appliqant’s Practice platform? This may be a nerve-wracking experience to see yourself interviewing on camera, but the insights you will gain through your customized report will help you land your dream job. Read the following four tips to be successful in your practice video interview.

1. Get comfortable on-camera

Sitting in front of the camera should feel as natural as sitting across from someone at a table. You should try to engage in a similar manner as an in-person interview, maintaining eye contact, ensuring you have good posture, and using your hands while speaking in a natural manner. Try speaking for a few minutes in front of the camera (maybe even practicing a typical interview question) to get used to seeing your face’s reactions. While you’ll only have a low-resolution playback of yourself speaking, you need to feel as natural as possible in front of the camera to come across well in the recording.

Taking a practice interview through Appliqant’s platform allows you to review your recording and see areas where you can improve. Take the test a few times to see your progress and compare to your first video.

2. Research the company or industry

Research the company you are applying to and the typical responsibilities of the role you want. (You can even look at the LInkedIn profiles of people who have held that position in the past to see what their high-level goals were in the role.) You should know the company culture, technical components of the job, recent/relevant industry news, basics about the team you would be working with, and how the mission of the company aligns with your own values.

If you aren’t applying for a specific position right now, imagine a position you would like to apply and interview for. You should answer the questions as thoroughly as possible as though you were applying for a real position. This will help you get the most useful feedback from your practice interview.

3. Be mindful of your surroundings

Prepare your surroundings and be mindful of your background. Make sure you are in a space with no distractions and little opportunity for disruptions. Ensure you have a strong and stable wifi connection. Get more in-depth tips on preparing your environment for your automated video interview. [Link to: https://appliqant.com/the-perfect-backdrop-for-an-automated-video-interview/]

Make sure you are dressed professionally (yes, down to your pants and shoes.) Dressing as though you were going to an in-person interview will help you stay focused and professional.

4. Prepare for common interview questions

Tell us about yourself. Tell us about a time you failed to meet a goal or objective. Tell us about your working style. There are questions you can certainly anticipate in a common interview, and these will likely show up in Appliqant’s practice automated video interview. Read a full list of common questions on Appliqant’s platform and how to answer them here. [**This blog hasn’t been posted yet, but Debarshi has it for review.]

Following these four tips and practicing through Appliqant’s practice interview platform, you will be on your way to landing the job you want. Browse our job board and apply for your ideal position through an automated video interview using Appliqant’s platform. Happy job hunting!

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