3 Useful Tips for Taking Personality Assessments

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Whether you’re interviewing for your dream job or in the midst of a career transition, it’s likely you will be asked by a company to complete a personality assessment to be considered for a role. If you’re interviewing for a role on Appliqant’s video interviewing platform, that’s likely why you ended up on this page!

Personality assessments are quite they are trying to get an image of who you are as a person, how you operate, how you make decisions, and how you manage conflict. In this way, they are trying to understand how you will contribute to their company and interact with their team. The following are our three simple tips to help you complete a genuine and accurate personality assessment:

1. The golden rule of personality assessments: Answer honestly!

First and foremost, you have to be honest. If you don’t answer honestly, you won’t get an accurate assessment—and that will be revealed at some point during the interview process. Take the time you need to think about your actions and underlying values to ensure you are answering the questions honestly.

2. Keep the work context in mind

If you find yourself conflicted between how you would behave in a work situation versus a personal situation and would answer the question differently, keep the work context in mind. That is how the recruiter will be viewing you, and what will ultimately predict how you will perform in your role.

That being said, you should also keep the role you’re applying for  and the company in mind. For example, you may be good at having strategic conversations when you’re working with certain types of individuals (who you would commonly interact with in this role) but get stuck in the weeds working with another. You can honestly answer that you are strategic, as this role will create an environment where this is cultivated.

3. Avoid extremes (even if it’s extremely neutral)

Avoid answering “Very strongly agree” or “Very strongly disagree” for every question. This may make you seem inflexible or stubborn. Answer the question honestly and understand the nuance of different situations and how you may behave. Also avoid selecting “Neither agree nor disagree” for many answers, as this could be seen as not having an opinion or being indecisive.

Bonus tip:

Don’t overanalyze your answers. You may think “Well in this situation… but in that situation…,” but by keeping the work context in mind and trusting your gut instincts on the answer, you will get a more honest report. This means you will align well with—and thus succeed in—your new role.

Following these tips, you will be well on your way to landing your dream job through Appliqant’s automated video interviewing platform. Our technology integrates personality assessments and IQ tests into the interviewing process, allowing recruiters to find the best talent for every role. We hope you enjoy our interview process with Applicant and will search our job board for other roles you may be interested in.

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