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What are hiring managers looking for in an automated video interview?

Congratulations — you have been asked to complete an automated video interview for your dream job. Whether this is your first time completing a video interview or your 10th, you may be wondering what exactly a hiring manager is looking for in a video interview. The answer is mostly the same as a traditional interview—ensuring a candidate is professional, personable, and can complete all the tasks required in their position.

However, there are additional considerations with a video interview as you need to consider time limits on answers, the lack of back-and-forth to build rapport with the interviewer, and more. Let’s take a look at our 6 best tips on what hiring managers are looking for in a video interview.

Quality answers

Ensure you are answering the full question thoroughly. Describe the challenge you were facing, how that problem was identified, the considerations for finding a solution, the solution you reached, and finally the results. Examining a real-world situation (rather than simply speaking in abstracts) will give the interviewer an idea of you problem-solving skills, initiative, and more.

Experience meets knowledge

Demonstrate you have the technical knowledge backed by practical, real-world experience. Don’t simply tell about your day-to-day duties in your position, but rather talk about complex challenges you faced and the innovative solutions you found to address those challenges.

Communication style

Your tone matters in a video interview, and this one-way platform doesn’t give you as much opportunity to play off the interviewer’s style. Try to build affinity with the hiring manager by greeting them and thanking them for taking the time to interview. Do your research on the company and understand their customer-facing communications style to match your formality accordingly. Speak clearly and share relevant details to the question and position.

Understanding of the Organization

As always: do your research! While you should take the above advice, you should also aim o be yourself. By doing your research on the company and its culture, you will understand whether your unique personality and offering is a fit for the organization. If you are a Millennial marketer who doesn’t work well in a traditional 9-5 role, you will need to find an organization that fits your working style. Show during the interview that you thoroughly understand the company and role you are applying for.

What you uniquely bring to the team

What sets you apart from the crowd? What value-add do you bring to the position that other candidates may not? Analyzing these questions and thinking through what you bring to the team will help you formulate answers and present yourself in the best possible way.


Ensure you dress and groom appropriately as you would for an in-person interview. Avoid wearing extravagant patterns or clothing that blends too much into your background as it will be distracting on camera. Bright colors, such as bright red, can also come across poorly on your camera. Test a few different outfits in front of your camera in similar lighting as you will be using during your interview to ensure everything looks correct on screen.

Following these six tips, we hope you can make a great impression and ace your automated video interview. Check out our job board to explore opportunities through Appliqant’s video interviewing software. Happy job hunting!

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