Nervous about your first automated video interview? These 5 tips will get you hired.

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A refrain we hear from first-time video interviewers is “I’m not sure what the recruiter is looking for.” Rest assured, the metrics for automated video interviews are very similar to a traditional in-person interview.

Think about your preparation for an in-person interview. Practicing anticipated questions, ensuring an appropriate appearance (in dress and speech), and clarity of thought are all top-of-mind for a successful candidate. In addition, automated video interviewing adds a layer, requiring you to be alert and thoughtful despite not speaking to a person and consider your background in the recording.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these components and how you can best prepare for your first automated video interview.

Be Prepared

The asynchronous nature of a video interview allows you to record your answers in the best time and place for you. Do not slouch, look disinterested, or appear rushed. Because you have the freedom to take the interview at your pace, you should only start recording when you are fully prepared and mentally ready to dive into the interview.

Be Clear

Think through the questions that will likely be asked and your responses. Run through practice interviews with friends and family, and even record yourself on your computer answering interview questions to see how they come across through video. Clarity of thought and speech shows not only that you have prepared for the interview, but that you are an expert in your field and able to perform the job functions well.

Be Alert

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you are recording a video rather than sitting across from a person, it is less important or formal. Respond to questions like you would with a person, stating the challenge you were presented, the steps you took to solve it, and the outcomes of every project. Look at the camera on your computer or webcam — not at the recording of yourself on the screen — so you maintain eye contact with the interviewer when they are watching your video interview.

Think about Your Appearance

You have the freedom to interview in your own home, but that doesn’t mean you should interview in your pajamas. Always dress for the position you want and aim to impress with your appearance. Ensure you are professionally dressed and generally presentable as you would for an in-person interview.

Consider Your Background

You may be taking the interview in your home, but it’s best not show off the dirty dishes in the sink. Try to find natural light or a bright room without shadows so your face is fully visible. (This is also critical for the artificial intelligence software to work effectively.) Keep a neutral, clean, and non-distracting background, whether that is a bare wall or your home office that is free of clutter. Hiring managers make tough hiring decisions every day, and a messy background could tip the scale in their perception of your ability to complete the job effectively.

Following these tips, you will feel prepared for your first automated video interview. Browse our job board and apply for your ideal position through an automated video interview using Appliqant’s platform. Happy job hunting!


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