7 Critiques of AI in Recruiting (and Your Questions Answered)

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Disruptive technologies in the recruitment space — including the use of artificial intelligence in automated video interviews — have left many people wondering whether these innovations have been a boon or yet another hurdle to find top talent. Critiques of artificial intelligence in recruiting include perceptions of cost, the learning curve for new technologies, and the inability of computers or AI to understand human behavior and potential.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common critiques to fully understand how AI automated video interviews can help your company streamline its recruitment processes.

  1. Artificial intelligence is expensive. It’s true that AI is expensive to build and develop, but those R&D costs are not passed onto the consumer. The perception that integrating AI will raise the price is not quite true. At a flat rate of only $2.50 per interview (including AI analysis and personality testing), your organization could save thousands of dollars compared to a traditional hiring process. (HYPERLINK to cost of an interview blog post)
  2. The technology is too complicated to learn. You don’t have to understand how AI works to reap its benefit. User experience (UX) design ensures you can easily learn to use the hiring interface after a short demonstration. The hard work happens in the background as the AI technology analyzes candidates and presents you with the top matches to review.
  3. You’ll need to purchase special equipment. All you need is your internet browser or phone app and a data connection.
  4. It will take too much time. Having a video record of interviews saves both the hiring manager and the candidate time: candidates do not have the repeat the same questions/answers in multiple rounds of interviews. This means you can move on to more complicated and targeted questions in subsequent rounds of interviews.
  5. It seems like privacy would be a concern. This is no more true than completing an interview in-person. Videos are stored on a secure server with no external access.
  6. AI can’t comprehensively evaluate a human being. Neither can another human! AI brings together skills evaluation and personality assessment to get a more comprehensive understanding of an individual for a specific position than an average person.
  7. It takes away the “personal touch” of hiring. There should still be personal touch throughout the process. Hiring managers will still communicate with the candidate via email and can (and should) take over after the AI-based screening narrows the field to only the top candidates for a position.

Artificial intelligence has changed the way recruiters understand and analyze candidates from the start of the recruiting process. Revolutionize your hiring with Appliqant’s automated video interviewing and assessment technology. Schedule a live demo today to get started.


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