Practical Near-Future Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Small and Medium Businesses

Even beyond our use case of creating automated video interviewing software, we are fascinated by the possibilities for artificial intelligence to innovate many areas of business and life. On the horizon, artificial intelligence will significantly influence day-to-day life for small- and medium-size businesses. Technology companies are spending billions of dollars developing artificial intelligence technologies, and the ways its implementation will impact your business can be anticipated now. Here is what to expect:


Predictive product placement will eliminate the need to walk around the entire store looking for an item. Products will be automatically rotated and introduced to a customer based on what they are currently considering. If you’re cooking breakfast and select a dozen eggs, you will be presented with bacon, coffee, and other essentials to start your morning on the right food.

Further, artificial intelligence will track customer behavior in stores, including their movements, products they sample, and more. This will allow stores to predict the value of customers’ purchases, allow salespeople to focus on high-value customers, and even help them optimize the layout of the store for a stress-free, optimized shopping experience.

Hospitality & Tourism

Soon, artificial intelligence will predict the best food options for your tastes based on your past selections and preferences. It will help restaurants curate their menus by anticipating what customers will order next and upcoming food trends.

Artificial intelligence will help concierge services at hotels do their jobs more effectively, recognizing customers as they enter the doors so they can greet every individual by name. The technology can match the identity of the person who booked the reservation over the phone with the person who checks into the room, ensuring a seamless and safe customer experience.

Travel and leisure experiences will improve, with online guides offering real-time scheduling. If you are visiting Paris and want to make an itinerary for your day, you will be able to see the real-time length of queues at different attractions. Apps will be able to recommend the best times to see an attraction, suggest quick stops on your route to wait out a long queue, and optimize your trip based on your interests.


The recruitment field is changing: after a decades-long lag in innovation in hiring practices, artificial intelligence is set to flip the board. Hiring managers now have access to complex personality assessments to determine the best candidate for a position. This includes the Big 5 OCEAN and Dark Triad personality profiles, which will give you a comprehensive understanding of the candidate and how they will fit into your team before they even walk through the door.

Recruiters can use the technology to match an applicant with the person who shows up for the in-person interview or first day on the job. This reduces the rate of fake applicants and saves your organization time and money.

Further, skills testing paired with artificial intelligence software improves hirers’ ability to anticipate how well an employee will perform in their position from their first day. AI technology can tell you if they have the skills and IQ it takes to be successful in their new role. A bad hire costs an organization tens of thousands of dollars, and the introduction of AI technology will significantly decrease the probability of a bad hire.

Artificial intelligence has changed how many industries operate in the 21st century. Keep your eye on the latest trends in artificial intelligence by following our blog, and take a personalized tour of Appliqant’s AI-powered automated interviewing software to see how AI technologies can impact your work today.

Appliqant is an AI-infused, blockchain driven, automated video interview platform developed by the team at Quantilus.

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