4 Unconventional Uses for Automated Video Interviews

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Not a recruiter? No problem! The Appliqant platform can be used for a lot more than traditional hiring. From higher education recruitment to personal uses, automated video interviews can impact your life in a variety of ways. Automated interviewing improves any process where you need to speak with someone to get information. Metrics provided by our artificial intelligence software give you insights that empower you to recruit the best students, interview potential service providers (like babysitters or landscapers), and more.

Higher Education Recruitment

Similar to employment recruiting, higher education recruitment has long relied on the same techniques and technologies to find students. This process often doesn’t take into account a student’s unique personality, so admissions recruiters may remain uncertain about their cultural fit for the campus.

Use Appliqant for hiring janitors, landscapers, and other service workers.

Use Appliqant for hiring janitors, landscapers, and other service workers.

Utilizing an automated video interviewing platform allows college admissions representatives to interview applicants without dedicating excessive time for students who may not be a great fit. Integrated artificial intelligence capabilities will return the applicants’ IQ and personality profile, measuring traits like their extroversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness. This will give admissions reps an idea of how the student will fit into the classroom and the campus overall. Further, students can answer questions to elaborate on their high school experience, college preparedness, and upload essays and supplemental materials. This keeps applicant information in a single place where admissions reps can quickly evaluate and follow up with all their applicants while keeping files organized.

Niche Business to Consumer (B2C) Hiring

Whether you are hiring for a babysitter, short-term nurse, landscaper, or another service provider for your home and family, automated video interviewing will save you time and bring you the best applicants. Anyone who is coming to your home to work should be evaluated to ensure they are trustworthy. Our AI technology will return a personality profile based on their responses along with their answers to your pressing questions to determine their qualifications.

Utilize Appliqant’s platform to quickly display the best matches for your position, and review videos of every candidate without spending time meeting one-on-one. This will streamline your search and ensure you find a skilled, honest service provider. Utilize the interview scheduler to meet in real-time (in person or over the phone) with the best candidates without even having to open another application.

Use Appliqant for hiring personal nurses and healthcare providers.

Use Appliqant for hiring personal nurses and healthcare providers.

Employee Reviews and Training

You’ve already hired the perfect employee, now you’re looking for a chance to evaluate their work, provide and evaluate additional training, and get their feedback on the direction of the company. The good news is that automated video interviewing greatly streamlines all of these processes.

After implementing new policies or providing professional development opportunities, leaders may want to evaluate their employees’ learning or see how much it changed their mindset. Integrated quizzes and artificial intelligence helps you evaluate and understand their progress. Further, our technology has the ability to serve as a feedback tool: ask questions about employees’ progress throughout the quarter or ask them to give feedback on one another’s work to provide comprehensive and actionable information.

No matter how you are using automated interview technology, it has the ability to save you time and impact your bottom line. Schedule a demo today to discuss your unique needs and how Appliqant’s platform can help you find and evaluate the best talent.

Appliqant is an AI-infused, blockchain driven, automated video interview platform developed by the team at Quantilus.

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