Our Best Tips for Hacking your Automated Video Interview

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You apply for a job and receive an email back from the hiring manager: Congratulations! You’ve been asked to complete the first round of interviews through an automated video interview platform. Your first video interview might feel intimidating — or even insurmountable. Don’t let your uncertainty about interviewing in front of a camera keep you from landing your dream job.

Some interview tips from a normal interview still apply, while a few are unique to an automated interview. Let’s deep dive into some of our best tips to ace your video interview.

Be Prompt

  • For a traditional interview, you would set a date and time to meet with your interviewer. While you have the option to schedule the interview online through Appliqant’s platform, you can also take the interview any time on demand.
  • Regardless of which method you choose, don’t wait for too long before taking the interview. Even if a company gives a deadline for the interview, it’s best to complete it promptly. This reflects your working style, as it shows you take initiative to complete projects quickly.

Don’t Rush

  • That being said, take the interview at a time and place where you feel comfortable. You have the freedom to interview from your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Take the time you need to prepare for possible interview questions, reflect on why you’re the perfect fit for the job, and ensure you are in a quiet location where you can focus.

Be Open and Confident with Your Answers

  • Take time to think back to your previous interviews (whether they were in-person or by video) to see where you can improve.
  • Look up typical interview questions for jobs in the field you’re applying and practice your questions. You can even practice with a friend or colleague to give you feedback on your answers.

Get Your A/V in Order

  • Ensure you are in a place with fast, stable internet connection.
  • Test your microphone and camera before logging into the platform. Place your camera at eye level for the best natural angle — just like you’re sitting across from them in a room.
  • Ensure you are in a location with good lighting, as this shows professionalism and attention to detail. Particularly with artificial intelligence video interviews, the platform needs to see your face well to understand your facial expressions and emotions.

Keep Your Appearance Professional

  • While you have the flexibility to complete your interview at home, you should still wear professional clothes you would wear to a normal interview. Make sure the background is clean and not distracting for the person who will later review your interview.

Pretend You Are Speaking to a Person

  • Explain your answers and points in detail just like you would do in a real interview.
  • Respond to every question in complete sentences, stating the challenge, solution, and results of your past projects.
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera (not with the video playback of yourself!) as if it were the interviewer.

Following these tips, you will feel confident heading into your first automated video interview. Happy job hunting!

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Appliqant is an AI-infused, blockchain driven, automated video interview platform developed by the team at Quantilus.


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