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December 2016 TEN Newsletter

Hi TEN Members,

Over the past few months, we decided to explore some useful tips and techniques designed to help improve your interview experience.  Some of these newsletter topics included:

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Job Openings


Visit our candidate portal where you can search, view and apply for our latest jobs AND connect with us on FaceBook at to see ongoing discussions and jobs that come up between newsletters. Here are our latest job openings:

  • Technical Services Consultant – Laguna Hills, CA – up to $120k+ DOE
  • Software Sales – Laguna Hills, CA – $60k+ base plus commissions
  • Account Manager – Laguna Hills, CA – up to $60k base plus commissions
  • Development Lead – Irvine, CA – up to $130k
  • Sr. SQL Programmer (2 openings) – Long Beach, CA – up to $95k
  • Sr. PHP Developer – WordPress or Symfony – Los Angeles, CA – C/CTH – RATE DOE
  • Technical Operations Manager – Portland, OR – up to $130k
  • Sr. PHP Developer – Laravel – Irvine, CA – CTH – RATE DOE
  • Agile Project Manager – Los Angeles, CA – up to $110k
  • Full Stack Java Developer (3 openings) – Irvine, CA – up to $120k
  • DevOps – Irvine, CA – SALARY DOE
  • Technical Recruiter – Irvine, CA – up to $100k+ DOE
  • Business Developer/Account Manager – Staffing Agency – Irvine, CA – $150k+ DOE
  • Technology Graduates (multiple openings) – Ontario, CA – RATE TBD
  • Database Application Administrator – Ontario, CA – up to $110k+ DOE
  • ERP CNC Administrator/Analyst – Onatario, CA – up to $95k DOE


Our Holiday Wishes…


eNamix, 17 years ago, was our first venture into business.  Along the way we have made some mistakes, but have learned from them, adapted, and have been supported by clients, candidates, and employees that have shown loyalty, consideration, generosity and patience.  We are truly appreciative of all our clients, candidates, and employees past and present and to the many that are still with us after all these years.

We really want to reiterate our thanks for having faith in our motley crew over the years.  While it would be interesting to have a compelling story where we left our homeland under the cover of darkness and survived constant obstacles and the occasional tragedy to get to where we are today, we do not.  But we know firsthand the time, commitment and responsibility that our clients, candidates, and employees face each and every day – and are proud that such a group of hardworking and dedicated people have selected us as their staffing professionals.

We were trying to keep the entire letter politically correct so came up with the greeting “Happy Holidays”.  However, it seemed to fall short of the spirit of the season.  Instead, we would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and welcome you all to our celebration and wish you all the best for yours, be it Hanukah, Kwanza, or from the famous episode of Seinfeld, “Festivus for the rest of us.”

The world of communication has gone from a phone call or a hand written letter to emails, texting, Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat. While it is really nice to keep up instantly on the latest that is going on with friends and family, it seems that the Christmas Season is a good time to go back to the more traditional things. Christmas cards with pictures you can put up on the fridge, Christmas Carols, trees and decorations that glitter and sparkle, Christmas shopping and, most importantly, a chance to visit in person with friends and family.

While we all lead such busy lives, we get this rare opportunity each year to slow down a little and enjoy some old traditions and introduce them to new family members and friends. Take advantage of this special time to reunite, mend fences and build stronger relationships for the year to come. No matter how much technology develops, it will never replace a hug from Grandma or a handshake from your favorite Uncle or seeing the look on your friend’s face when you talk about old times. Irreplaceable moments are something that makes this time of year different and special.

The year saw tragedies like the Zika virus threat, the earthquakes in Japan, volcano eruptions around the world, the senseless acts of terrorism in Orlando, France, Germany, and many parts of the Middle East (just to name a few). But, through all of this we saw the triumph of the human spirit and in many cases – acts of heroism from ordinary people. It showed that as members of the human race we all share in each other’s pain and share in each other’s accomplishments, and even if it is just for moments – it can be pretty amazing.

As time goes on we find ourselves sounding more and more like our parents and bemoaning the values of the next generation. They are exposed to so much more at an early age and have access to so much more information than we ever did. We often complain and hear complaints about entitlement, work ethic and basic values. We worry about their safety and how they will grow up, allowing them to make their own mistakes and wonder if we made the right choices on what we say yes and no to. We think back to when they were babies and see them as simpler more innocent times and hope that we can forever protect them the way we could when they were small. We have difficulty letting them grow up, letting them go and letting them make big choices on their own. Yet, if we only look deeper we find stories like the outstanding sportsmanship displayed at an Ohio state track meet.

Meghan Vogel, a junior at West Liberty-Salem High School in Ohio, won the state’s Division III 1,600 meter race, but she gained more attention for a race in which she finished last.

Vogel was running the 3,200 meter race and about 50 meters from the finish line when she saw Arden McMath, a sophomore from Arlington High School, collapse. Instead of passing her, Vogel stopped to carry her competitor across the finish line.

Race rules say Vogel should have been automatically disqualified for helping another runner, but the Springfield News-Sun says meet management took no action. They gave McMath 14th place and a finishing time of 12:29.90, and Vogel 15th in 12:30.24. Vogel made sure McMath crossed the finish line first because she had been ahead of her.

“Helping her across the finish line was a lot more satisfying than winning the state championship,” Vogel told the News-Sun.

Well done Meghan, well done!

Reading this made us realize that while times have changed and kids have changed and society has changed – there are some core values that we can instill in our kids that make us proud and let us know that not only will the future for them be okay, but the future for everyone will be okay. For every story that you hear about bullying or disrespect – there are hundreds of untold stories like the story of Meghan Vogel, stories of goodwill, strong character and the desire to do what is right.

Remember there is a Meghan Vogel that each and every one of us knows and they do something every day that goes unnoticed, but these “acts of random kindness” help build and sustain what was good when we were young and what will be good for years to come.

We again would like to thank our staff and our clients for the year that is coming to a conclusion and the anticipation of looking to 2017 with excitement and hope, good health and goodwill, time with friends and family and prosperity in both your personal lives and your business and for letting us be a part of it.

The one thing that we can all appreciate is that, in general, people seem to be more willing to embrace good will towards man and share in positive feelings.  We hope for all of you that these feelings last all year round.

Your eNamix Strategic Staffing Team

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